10 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Summer weddings can be stunning, but there are some serious perks to choosing your wedding date in the off-months. Often summer weddings come with sweltering heat, over-booked vendors, and scheduling difficulties for your guests. However, winter weddings have a lot going for them and can help you avoid some of the summer wedding downfalls.

With a winter wedding, you can skip the hassle of competing with other brides over dates and vendors and can plan your wedding with a relative amount of peace. Need more reasons to consider a winter wedding? We’ve curated a list of 10 reasons why you should consider NOT having your wedding in summer.

Better Dates & Rates

Wedding vendors, from cake decorators to wedding venues, are booked solid during the summer months. If you are planning a winter wedding, you have a better selection of dates and options, including the best vendors. You can also choose to plan your wedding in less time because you aren’t competing with other brides over selections.

Not only that, but many vendors will give off-season discounts to brides in order to stay booked and busy during their slower season. This can add up to serious discounts and save your wedding budget from becoming over-extended.

Vendor Attention & Flexibility

Your vendors are maxed out during the summer, which leaves them with very little flexibility to work with you or to focus their attention exclusively on your wedding. A winter wedding allows your vendors to get excited about your wedding and ensure that all the details are covered perfectly. They may even be more flexible and come in early to set up or stay late to tear down as they likely won’t have another event on the same day (or even the next day). This gives them more energy and time to ensure that everything about your wedding goes smoothly.

No Wedding Fatigue

Not only are your vendors fatigued from the craziness that is the summer wedding season for them, but your wedding guests are also likely struggling from wedding fatigue as well. Your guests are more likely to enjoy your wedding if they aren’t shuffling each weekend from one wedding to the next. A winter wedding is a great reason for them to shake off the cold-weather blues and celebrate with you. Your guests will love a chance to look forward to your wedding instead of feeling like it is another obligation during their summer holidays.

Snowy Photos

Cozy winter weddings can really bring a unique “wow” factor tor your photos! If you are blessed with a sprinkling of snow or can plan your wedding at a mountain resort, you’ll love the type of images that result from the soft glow of the sun reflecting off the snowy scene around you. Not only are the images amazing, but a snowy wedding has a romance about it that summer weddings can’t rival.

Less Stress

At the end of the day, a winter wedding is simply less stress to plan than a summer wedding. If your life is full and you want to plan your wedding quickly and with little-to-no stress, then this is the way to go. With a busy schedule, you don’t have time to call a million vendors who are already booked. A winter wedding allows you to pick your vendors and location who likely have wide-open availability to work with, along with numerous other benefits. Wedding planning can be stressful, so anything that relieves that burden is something you’ll be grateful for.

The Custom Touch offers personalized wedding consultation for summer and winter weddings, and we’d love to help you design the perfect stress-free wedding. Whether you are on a tight time-frame or planning years ahead, we’re here to help you create a custom wedding look that will set your wedding apart and create memories that will last you a lifetime.