3 Easy Tips to Save Money on a Memorable Wedding

Planning a wedding takes plenty of time and careful consideration to get it just right. A wedding ceremony is an important milestone in your life and we know you want to give it the attention it, and you, deserves. When budgeting for a wedding, you don’t want to skimp on quality services and products, but there are a few ways you can cut down on the total cost.

Start with your wedding vision and theme and take advantage of these methods to save on your wedding budget – without losing the vision you have.

1. Trim your guest list to the most meaningful people in your life.

We know that you want to invite everyone you know to your wedding and reception. For each person you invite it increases the total cost of your wedding. You should invite as many people as you want, but spend the time to determine who you really want to have at your wedding versus who you feel obligated to invite.

Practice by setting a limit for your guest list to just 50, 25, and 10. You’ll very quickly find the people that are closest to you when they show up multiple times on those lists. From there you can pick the number that feels “right” for you. With a smaller guest list, you can make room in your budget to offer wedding decor personalization for the wedding and your guests.

Not only will you save money on the costs of having guests at your wedding, but your wedding will be more intimate by having only the most meaningful people present during your wedding day.

2. Ask your guests for their expertise instead of a wedding gift.

There’s a good chance that someone you know, or someone you’re going to invite, has a skill or talent that will enhance your wedding, make it more memorable, and will save you money in the process.

Start by looking at the list of services and products you need for your wedding. Then look at your guest list, or circle of family and friends, and see if there are any that provide a service you’ll need on your big day.

Consider these wedding services that your family or friends can help out with:

●Wedding planner

●Musical accompaniment




●Floral arrangements


●Wedding dance lessons

Getting friends and family involved in your wedding will make your wedding day even more memorable for you – and the guests playing a role in your wedding.

3. Go minimal on less-important areas of your wedding.

It’s tempting to go “all out” on nearly every aspect of your wedding. When you’re on a budget, it will be more detrimental in the long run to push past your budget to make “everything” fancy and spectacular.

Take a look at your current vision for your wedding and identify your favorite and least favorite parts. We bet that you could downsize one, or a few areas, of your wedding (that you don’t care as much about in comparison). This will create additional savings, or more room in your budget, to put towards a more important part of your wedding to make it more memorable and meaningful.

Take a look at your floral arrangements, venue/destination, entertainment services, and decoration to find areas that you can cut back a little – to save a lot.

Make Your Wedding Memorable

Making your wedding memorable can be fun – and easy. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your special day unique, personal, and meaningful. Look for creative ways you can cut costs without pulling away from the magic of your special day. To add a custom touch to your wedding, contact us at The Custom Touch. We would love to help you make your wedding experience memorable and personalized to fit your vision!