4 Expert Wedding Theme Tips

When creating a wedding theme, there are numerous places couples will commonly begin. From the color scheme to the wedding location, many couples allow these elements to determine their wedding theme. However, experts have found that building upon a detail like your color scheme can actually create a disconnected feeling to your wedding.

Rather, here are 9 tips wedding experts recommend to unify the elements of your wedding to create a cohesive theme for your wedding day.

  1. Create an Inspiration Board

Before you make any decisions for your wedding, begin to narrow down what you LOVE. There are no bad ideas in this stage of wedding planning. Spend some time on Pinterest, with wedding magazines, or looking at wedding photography websites to dream about what wedding elements you love. At this stage in the planning, don’t rule anything out. It’s important to add anything that you are drawn to on your inspiration board. This will help spark the creative juices and keep you from prematurely shutting down an idea that may end up becoming a significant part of your wedding theme.

  1. Narrow Down Your Vision

Once you have found a plethora of ideas that you like, begin pulling out your favorites. Does a theme emerge? Are they cohesive? At this stage in the planning, you aren’t choosing anything for your wedding. You are simply defining what you want envision your wedding. This is the essential key to creating a unified wedding theme. The vision you create during this stage in the planning will guide all of your wedding choices to come.

  1. Bring Your Vision to Life

After your wedding vision has emerged, you can begin making decisions for your wedding with confidence. If you are struggling with a wedding decision, it could be because you haven’t created a strong enough vision and theme. That clear vision is key to making the wedding planning process peaceful and enjoyable. However, this is a good time to pull in a wedding professional to help you take your vision and make it a reality. Wedding planners or custom wedding decor designers can weave your vision into a reality by creating or finding the perfect pieces, vendors, and venues to make your wedding vision come to life.

Some custom wedding decor designers actually offer packages that create unique wedding decor that aligns perfectly with your vision. The Custom Touch offers a professional design consultation that will bring your wedding vision to life. Wedding planners can also help you find little known venues or ideas that will set your wedding apart and making it uniquely yours.

  1. Follow Your Gut

At the end of the day, your wedding is about you and what you love. While there are numerous principles to follow, only you can know what makes you happy. Allowing your heart to determine your wedding choices is the best decision you can make. You will be bombarded by a number of opinions and choices, but choosing what you love for your wedding is always the best advice you can follow to create a wedding day you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

The Custom Touch

The Custom Touch wants to make your wedding dreams a reality. If you are struggling to create the perfect wedding vision, we offer professional wedding design consultation where we help you create and envision a unified wedding theme. Not only that, but we bring that theme to life with custom wedding decor pieces that will set your wedding apart.

Your wedding is a unique reflection of you and your decor should be also. Contact us today to begin creating the perfect wedding theme for you and your wedding.