7 Things Every Wedding Planner Should Have

As a wedding planner, you have a million plates spinning and wedding day festivities to manage. You are the person who is directing, comforting, fixing dresses, arranging decorations, and pulling hidden tricks out of your sleeves to make everything happen smoothly. You are also the person to address every emergency, small or large. When these emergencies happen, you’re the one hired to save the day, so it pays to be prepared.

From our interviews with wedding planners, we’ve compiled their list of must-haves in their wedding tool-kit.

Tide To-Go Pens

Discover a grass stain on a wedding dress? Someone spill something on their outfit? Tide-pens are basically magic and brilliantly remove stains causing them to disappear without ruining the fabric. These are used at nearly every wedding and are a must-have in your wedding planning emergency kit.

Bobby Pins

They may be small, but they sure come in handy. From hair emergencies to decor fastenings, bobby pins can be used in a variety of creative ways. It’s amazing how many surprising functions these little hair pieces have. They can be used to secure the loose end of a belt, hem pants in a rush, save a broken zipper, and more.

Pain Relievers

It’s common for someone in the wedding party to feel unwell at some point during the day. Come prepared with Tylenol, ibuprofen, and stomach relief medications to take care of your wedding party and their guests if they experience any physical discomfort.


Duct tape, scotch tape, gaff tape, double-sided tape, masking tape, and so on - make sure you have the gamut of options available. You will likely need one or all of them at some point during the wedding, so come prepared for anything!

Snacks & Water

Whether for yourself or a famished bride, snacks are an essential part of keeping everyone well-cared for on the wedding. Making sure your bridal party stays hydrated and has food in their system will help your wedding party be able to enjoy their day without physical concerns hindering them.


Weddings are an emotional affair and tears are an expected part of the day. Come prepared with tissues on hand to offer a mother-of-the-bride, a friend, or the bride herself. While also comforting, these are essential in helping prevent mascara from smearing.

Vendor Contact Information

Create a list before the day of the wedding with the cell phone numbers and emergency contact information for all your vendors. You want to be able to call them at any time for any reason in order to ensure that your bride and groom’s day goes smoothly. Carry this list in your back pocket or an emergency kit for quick and easy access.

What’s in your Wedding Planner tool-kit?

Preparation is the key to every wedding planner’s success. Whether you are beginning in the wedding planning business or a long-time veteran, knowing what you will need in advance is the secret to ensuring your couple’s day goes off without a hitch.

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