Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

While many aspects of a wedding are optional, finding a place to have your wedding is not. Wedding venues differ as widely as the people who choose them, but there are some key elements to look for when choosing the perfect wedding venue for your wedding day.


The first question to ask yourself is “What do we want?” Before you begin to analyze the cost or what is included in your wedding venue, you have to have a vision of what your wedding will be like. Small and intimate? Large and grandiose? In a home? On a beach? In a chapel?

Whenever making decisions about your wedding, it is important to refer back to the original vision you had when you began and make sure that future decisions fit your personality and align with your values. Perhaps you have a clear idea of exactly where you want your wedding (ie. on a beach), or maybe the elements you want included in your wedding (like a dance party!) are more important than the location. Either way, knowing what you want your wedding to include is a great place to start when scoping out the perfect wedding venue.


While decorations seem like a decision to be made later in the planning process, they are essential to consider when choosing your wedding venue. Are you planning to include personalized wedding decor? If so, does your venue match the theme you’ve chosen for your wedding? If you have planned minimalistic wedding decor, but the venue you’ve chosen is a country-rustic style, the two designs may conflict. Consulting a wedding planner or a custom wedding design company could help you tie your custom wedding items into an overarching theme that aligns perfectly with your venue.


Considering your guests’ comfort and limitations is another essential aspect when choosing a wedding venue. If you have elderly guests, it would be important to consider their mobility in your wedding venue choice. A beach wedding could present challenges to guests in wheelchairs or who have medical challenges to consider.

Another aspect to consider is the proximity of your venue to your guests’ home. How far will they need to travel? Will they be looking at hotels to stay in the area? Be sure to provide your guests with everything they need to make decisions about where to stay and how to get to your wedding venue.


Cost affects most wedding decisions to some degree. Knowing your budget and determining what portion you want to allocate towards your wedding venue is a significant aspect of the decision-making process. Once you have a general budget outlined, research different venues in your price range to get an idea of whether your budget is realistic or needs to be re-evaluated. Once you have a clear idea of your budget for your venue, it can help refine your choices to the best options available to you.

The Custom Touch Wedding Décor

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