How to Create a Wedding Day Timeline

As your wedding day approaches, so does the need to create a day-of wedding timeline. This timeline will guide the flow and feel of your day, as well as help you know that your friends, family, coordinators, & planners have a base guideline to help your day go smoothly. This means that you can relax on your wedding day and truly enjoy it. 

In the meantime, however, it is important to spend time working out the kinks before the wedding, which is why we’ve created a helpful how-to that will work you through the process of creating your own wedding day timeline.

Sketch out the important events

Grab a pen and paper (or your computer!) and write out every important event you want to be a part of your wedding. These are things like your toasts, first dance, wedding ceremony, photo sessions, etc. Create a list of everything that needs to happen on your special day. Maybe this looks like “Did the cake arrive?” or “Give fiance letter before ceremony.” There are numerous small and large tasks that will need to be tended to during your wedding day.

Compile a list of day-of tasks

Before you dive into giving each event a time, add a list of tasks that also will need to happen during your wedding. A comprehensive list of all the events and all the tasks that will need to be taken care of is the best place to start before assigning everything a time and a person responsible.

Organize the Info

Once all your information is in one place, begin to organize based on a first-to-last priority. Wait to put times in there! It will be tempting to want to write out exact times like (ceremony at 2pm; Reception at 3pm). Resist this urge! All you want to do in this stage of planning is to create one big list of every event and task that needs to be completed in the order that they will happen on your wedding day. 

Then add a responsible party next to each task and event. It is important to write it all out, even when your events naturally have someone responsible for making sure they start on time. This might be a professional like a wedding coordinator or an experienced DJ or officiant, but regardless of who takes on this responsibility, make sure you know who is going to be responsible for each event and task happening on the day-of. 

Consult the professionals

Each of your vendors will have an idea of how long they will need to adequately provide their services. Your photographer may want you to block out two hours for photos; they may need fifteen minutes. Ask your specific vendors how long they expect their services on your wedding day to take. Will your makeup artist take 30 minutes or an hour? Getting the exact estimate of time frames from the people who have made it their business to do this work will ensure that your wedding day stays on track and that events flow smoothly throughout the day. Your vendors can work with you to create the feel that you want, but take their advice and let them use their years of experience to help your wedding be successful.

Add Hours and Minutes & Leave Margin

You have your list of events and tasks and you are now well informed regarding how long each aspect will likely need. Now begin sketching in times next to each event. Plug in the numbers and watch as your timeline comes alive. You may find some glaring problems in this part of the timeline. That’s normal. Rearrange some of your tasks or events to help work out these kinks

Don’t Stress!

At the end of the day, your wedding will be wonderful because it was your wedding. Timelines provide a great resource to your support network and vendors, which can help you enjoy your wedding. Once the day arrives, let everyone around you take their cues from your timeline, but personally choose not to think about it, even once. Take this time to simply savor each passing moment of your wedding and the amazing people you are sharing it with. 

The Custom Touch

We believe that your wedding should bring as little stress to your life as possible. Our business is built around creating wedding customization that is not only beautiful, but is designed to take any stress out of the wedding planning process. From helping you create a day-of wedding timeline to creating custom wedding packages, our goal is to help you have a one-of-a-kind wedding that reflects your personality and relationship. Contact us today to learn more about our custom wedding personalization packages.