How To Deal with Stress When Planning a Wedding

No matter your personality type or the simplicity of your wedding plans, a little stress is likely to jump into the mix, even at the most unexpected moments. Stress is often caused when plans go awry, when disagreements arise over decisions, when family & friend situations become complicated, and from a host of other factors that may catch you off guard.

Whether you are prepared for any wedding related complications OR whether you are the kind of planner who goes with the flow, it is essential to mentally equip yourself with some stress-busting techniques before the rubber hits the road.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..”

When planning your wedding, this saying is everything. The time you spend early-on in the planning phase is essential in relieving wedding stress as the days tick closer and closer. This may look like choosing trustworthy vendors, setting a budget, or inviting friends to help you carry the weight of wedding planning stress. Delegating, hiring, and making a plan can relieve a lot of last-minute complications that can add up to a lot of last-minute stress.

Know your stress-triggers

Stress affects people differently, and is even caused by different factors. Some people become stressed in emotional and relational conflict; others become stressed when logistics don’t go as planned. Know what your triggers are and try to create a wedding planning environment that avoids those specific triggers. When this isn’t possible, practice techniques that have helped you cope with stress in the past or research new techniques to help you overcome common personal stressors.

Schedule some down time

Wedding planning can become all-consuming. Plan ahead to take a time out from thinking about dress colors, seating arrangements, and ceremony details. Give your brain a chance to decompress and spend time connecting with your fiancé, nature, or doing whatever leaves you feeling energized and refreshed.

Share with your loved ones

Stress can be isolating and leave you feeling like you are carrying a burden alone. Remember, you are not getting married alone. Your future spouse, and likely your friends and family, are a great resource to share your stress with. While you may want to avoid lashing out in a stress-haze, this doesn’t mean you can’t invite the people you are close to into your stress and problem-solve together. Even if that looks like a simple hug or more like venting and sipping chardonnay, your loved ones can be a great stress-buster.

The Custom Touch

We believe that your wedding should bring as little stress to your life as possible. Our business is built around creating wedding customization that is not only beautiful, but is designed to take any stress out of the wedding planning process. Our custom wedding design packages remove the challenge of trying to find the right products to fit your theme, colors, or designs, and gives you perfectly coordinated wedding decor that is stunning and fits your unique vision.