Popular Wedding Trends of 2019

Every year there are new trends and ideas that emerge in the wedding industry. We’ve collated a list of the most popular wedding trends this year. These ideas are a great launching place for planning your wedding.

While you’ll still find popular color schemes each year, there seems to be a shift towards unique and personalized touches. Check out what’s trending this year.

Edgy Color Palettes

Couples are getting adventurous and daring with their aesthetic choices, mixing colors that may not traditionally go together to create a moodier aesthetic. This directly contrasts the softer textures and the cheerful and upbeat designs that have been popularized over the years.

Back to the Classics

On the flipside of these edgy aesthetic choices, some couples are revitalizing the classics. New trends entering the wedding industry doesn’t mean the traditional ways are “out.” Instead, it seems they go in phases. This year, the classics are making a come-back with traditional ballroom weddings, elegant dinner parties, and romantic decor.

For example, we’ve seen monogrammed linens, lace overlays, crystal stemware, and white and gold color schemes slowly edge their way to the forefront of wedding decor.

Mixing Traditions

As new trends enter the scene and old trends make a comeback, it’s also a perfect opportunity to mix and match your favorite trends and traditions into one truly unique wedding experience. Some couples are choosing to get creative in their wedding traditions by mixing the old with the new.Many couples are taking their favorite aspects of traditional weddings and spicing them up with new accents or features. We’ve seen this beautifully done as couples have reinvented wedding seating by choosing non-traditional layouts such as circles and chevrons, but still maintain traditional ceremony features. This creates a unique look, allows more people to be closer to the front, and makes the soon-to-be-married couple feel even more like the center of attention – like they should be! – among their favorite people.

Ballooning with Artistry

A twist on a long-standing tradition, balloons are becoming a popular decor element in place of flowers. Instead of large flower arches or flower walls, balloon walls have become a great, unique, and artistic way to decorate a venue.

Personalized Guest Experience

Wedding decor personalization is on the rise this year. At The Custom Touch, we can help you to create unique wedding decor, personalized items for your bridal party, custom wedding signs, and other personalized surprises for each of your guests. Consider hand-written notes for each of your guests instead of ordinary placement cards.

Custom Illustrations

From guest invitations to decorations at the wedding and reception, wedding couples are getting more personalized and more creative. Enlist the help of a skilled artist you know, or from your local community, to create one-of-a-kind illustrations that are unique to you, your family, the venue, and the overall atmosphere you are trying to create.

Bringing Out the Indoors

Think outside the box by moving indoor furniture to the outdoors. This makes an outdoor wedding feel cozy and inviting, and makes for some great photos!

Simple and Minimal

We all love a good minimalist design. As minimalism has been trending in architecture and interior design, it is now making its debut in wedding décor and design. The key to a simple and minimal wedding is a simplified color palette, clean lines, and simplified attire and décor. Emphasizing nature and simplicity through natural materials like wood and stone can also create an environment that feels minimalistic and calming.

Pick Your Favorite 2019 Trends!

What trends are you most excited about? Reach out to us at The Custom Touch to learn more about custom wedding personalization and how you can incorporate 2019’s popular trends into your own wedding! We would love to be a part of making your wedding unique and personal – the most important trend for any wedding.