The Best Wedding Decorations Guide

Everything you need to know about decorating your wedding venue

Wedding magazines highlight the epitome of every girl’s dream wedding - cascading flowers, gorgeous urban lofts, dazzling lights and expansive custom wedding signs. These inspiration photos are beautiful, but they may not fit the space you are working with. As you begin to dive into choosing your wedding decorations, it is imperative to consider your location. Don’t work against your space by trying to replicate a wedding design that you found on Pinterest, but choose decor pieces that enhance and highlight the wedding venue you’ve already chosen.

Considering the space you are working with and the type of ceremony you are going to have is the first place to start. Here are the key locations you’ll want to take into account when choosing your wedding decorations:


Your guests’ first interaction with your wedding day is the entrance to where you are hosting your ceremony. This is an often overlooked place for decorations, but creating a custom welcome sign or covering the entryway in flowers and twinkly lights can create that first awe-inspiring welcome for your guests.


Walking down the aisle is a significant moment in most weddings. The bride is resplendent in her gown and enters into the ceremony with beauty and grace. This moment is one of the key points of the entire wedding and should not be overlooked when choosing wedding decorations. Your budget may not cover a carpet of flower petals, but there are a myriad of creative ways to bring your wedding decor into this time of your wedding. Lining the aisle with electric candles, adding flowers to the ends of the pews or chairs, or laying down a custom aisle runner are beautiful ways to enhance the decor.

Alter or Arch

The moment when you make your vows to one another, pledging your life together and vowing to be “husband and wife” is the moment everyone has come to celebrate with you. A great way to enhance this moment is to weave your wedding colors and decorations into your ceremony by creating a bower of flowers around you. Or create an archway of bare branches to create an earthy, natural feel.

Reception Decor

The decorations for the reception are what most people focus on when they are planning their wedding and it is definitely a great time to pull out all the stops. However, it is important to remember that your reception decor will likely need to cover a large space and that cost can add up! If you are trying to decorate on a budget, try focusing on key areas of your reception and adding your extra “oomph” to those highlight places. Perhaps it is your dessert table, or a vintage bar, or a creative drink station. If you focus the majority of your decoration budget on these key locations, it will help your budget from being spread too thin while making sure that your wedding matches your personality and vision.

The Custom Touch

Regardless of where you choose to have your wedding, The Custom Touch can create beautiful custom wedding decorations for you. We make everything from monogrammed cake toppers to gorgeous custom wedding signs. Our experienced wedding designers work with each bride (or groom!) individually to create beautiful custom wedding decor for your wedding. We even have wedding design packages to help you bring all the wedding decor elements together into one cohesive whole.

We believe that each wedding should uniquely reflect the beauty of the couples who are getting married. We work hand-in-hand with our couples to create unique, one-of-a-kind wedding decorations and would love to help you craft your wedding theme and bring it to life with your own custom wedding decorations.