The Secret to Successfully Involving Children in Your Wedding Day

Children are a delight, but they can also add some logistical challenges to a wedding day. Whether you are want to meaningfully invite your own children into your wedding planning or involve a niece or close friend, preparing these energetic bundles to navigate the day and make it meaningful to you and to them, is something you’ll want to plan for.

Find jobs for kids to be responsible for

Children do best when they are given an age-appropriate job. Big and little people love being useful and participating in the festivities as more than a by-stander. Whether it is fluffing the bride’s dress periodically or running water bottles out to the bridal party between photo sessions, finding specific ways for kids to fill the “wait” time is helpful in keeping them focused and engaged.

Make them feel special

These little people grow up so fast and they enjoy feeling special and invited into the glamour of a wedding day. Make a thank you card for the older kids who are helping out or buy a small gift for the flower girl as a way to say thank you and honor their small contributions. Everyone loves feeling appreciated, and kids are no exception.

Create a Quiet Space for Nursing Moms

Many of your bridal party and guests may be new moms. Navigating weddings with an infant can present challenges. Set aside a clear area where moms can nurse in privacy if they’d like and where they can take an infant if they become fussy. This will be such a gift to your friends who are navigating motherhood!

Provide Activity Bags for Children

Kids get bored easily, so provide activity bags that parents can hand out to their kids when they start to get squirmy. A small coloring book with crayons, games, and small snacks can go a long way in helping kids make it through the ceremony. Maybe throw some bubbles in for after the ceremony. Kids love bubbles! 

Provide Family Friendly Games at the Reception

Games are a great way to help your guests relax, and kids love them too! If you have an outdoor wedding, consider providing lawn games or bubbles and chalk to your guests. The more ways to engage your guests and their kids, the better. 

Know Your Kids

Inviting children into a wedding can add an element of chaos, but it is also a sweet opportunity to connect with the special kids in your life. You want them to know they are loved and valued, as well as provide ways to help them navigate the flow of your wedding. Take time to know the personalities of the kids you are involving. Are they the kind of kid who needs to move constantly or will sit and quietly read a book? It may be good to make plans & create tools aimed specifically at the kids you are involving in your wedding.

Let Kids be Kids

At the end of the day, kids aren’t adults and we shouldn’t expect them to be. Set realistic expectations for yourself and for the kids in your life. Then just enjoy the added laughter and uniqueness they will bring to your wedding. Live, laugh, love, and let go of any interruptions or small challenges that may come from integrating these growing people in your wedding celebrations.

The Custom Touch

At the The Custom Touch, we want to help you make your wedding one-of-a-kind and find the right gifts for the special people (and kids!) in your life. We create customized gifts and wedding decor and would love to help you navigate the ins-and-outs of customizing your wedding to fit your guests and vision. Reach out to us today to schedule a wedding consultation.