What to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer is an essential part of planning your wedding. This person will capture every memory, every moment, and every detail of your wedding day. The look on your groom’s face as he sees you for the first time; the personalized touches you’ve incorporated into your wedding day; the moment when you say, “I do.” These moments are once in a lifetime and can’t be recreated, which means that choosing the right photographer to capture these memories is imperative.

Here are some things to look for when choosing your wedding photographer.

An Entire Wedding Portfolio

Photography websites will highlight the best individual images that a photographer has taken. However, they don’t show the consistency of a photographer’s ability to capture a wedding from start to finish. Was the photographer able to get indoor photos as beautifully as outdoor photos? Were they able to consistently capture the high-pressure moments like the first kiss, a grand exit, and all the other moments that are short and quick.

Looking through an entire portfolio gives you a chance to see if their work is consistent across the board or whether they just got a handful of lucky shots. If they can maintain their portfolio quality in an entire wedding, it can give you increased confidence in their skills and abilities to capture your wedding beautifully.

Backup Gear

Ask your photographer about what backup gear they have. You may not know the ins-and-outs of the specific gear they are describing, but you want to make sure they have an extra camera or two, extra batteries, and a variety of lenses to choose from. The best photographers are prepared for emergencies and won’t get caught with a dead battery or a camera that breaks in the middle of your wedding without having backups to pull out to save the day. You don’t want your wedding photos ruined (or missed altogether) because your photographer was unprepared.


There are a variety of wedding photography styles to choose from, but equally as important as the style of your images, is the personality of your photographer. Do you feel comfortable with them? Do they make you feel at ease? Every photographer’s personality is different and each comes with pros and cons. A quieter and more reserved photographer will probably blend into the background of your wedding and you will hardly notice they are there. A gregarious and fun photographer will likely make everyone laugh and be right in the middle of the action capturing the life of your wedding. Knowing which personality you’d prefer and finding someone you feel comfortable being around is essential to how your wedding photos will turn out. In short, choose someone you actually like being around - they’ll fit into your wedding seamlessly and leave you at ease on your wedding day.

The Custom Touch

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