What Your Wedding Guests  Want You to Know

Your wedding is a special time to highlight your personalities and unique tastes, and the special things that have brought you and your fiancé together. However, there are likely a number of people who are coming to celebrate your wedding with you - each who have unique needs and desires and may be traveling long distances to be with you - whose comfort and enjoyment are an important consideration. Here’s what they want you to know.


More than any other factor, ensuring that your guests are comfortable will help them enjoy your day. This may look like choosing venues and amenities that will keep them out of the burning sun or the freezing cold. In cases where that isn’t possible, choosing comfortable chairs, providing fans or umbrellas, and other thoughtful touches will help ensure that your guests enjoy your day as much as you do.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks may seem like an obvious essential, but as it is a large portion of the wedding budget, it can be easy to skimp in this area. Everyone enjoys good food and knowing that you’ll be able to sit down for a relaxing meal with friends and family will make the experience more enjoyable for your guests. 

Time with You

After the basic comforts are considered, it is important to remember that your guests are there for you. They want to see you and spend time with you. Creating space to connect with your guests will ensure they feel seen and help you to enjoy them in return. You’ve invited them after all, try to carve out space to really enjoy being with them


If your guests have special needs, they will appreciate if you show special consideration to expected challenges they may have. If you have disabled guests, having a special location for a wheelchair or assistance ready for elderly guests will make them feel welcomed and loved. If you have guests with small children, providing activity bags for the kids will create a space that allows their parents to enjoy celebrating the day with you.

Music & Activities

Some of the most fun weddings do more than the ceremony, toasts, and cake cutting. The more events you include that your guests can participate in, the more they will look back with fond memories on your special day. Remember, they are making memories too, and this is a special way to make memories together. 

Summer weddings could have lawn games or indoor weddings could include an epic dance party. Think through ways to invite your guests into the celebrations!

Keep It Short

While tradition and long-winded speeches may bring joy to our hearts, guests often are eager to move on. Remember that an average person’s attention span is about 8 seconds. If your wedding ceremony drags on longer than 20-30 minutes, your guests will likely start getting antsy and even stop paying attention to what is being said. Keep things short and sweet, highlight the important things, honor your traditions, but remember that your guests will likely appreciate a swift pace and moving from one activity to the next without dragging things out unnecessarily. 

The Custom Touch

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