Acrylic Coasters - Wedding Favor/Place Card

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A curling branch brimming with roses sets the stage, adding a touch of luxury to any wedding. Rosebuds, flowers and leaves dance daintily across a background of white satin while the names of you and your beloved feature prominently in the foreground. 

Let your guests relive their memories of one of the happiest days of your life with a keepsake coaster that blends form and function to present itself as an elegant, sophisticated and practical design. With a design so crisp and detailed, you can almost smell the perfume of the roses! 

Set any drink, hot or cold, on this durable coaster and enjoy long chats, a good book, or great conversation without worry. Your beautiful keepsake wedding coaster won’t slip or slide on the surface, and those tell-tale drink rings will be a thing of the past, thanks to the durability and quality of this stunning wedding favor.

We can help you customize it and create your own personalized gift that your guests will be delighted to receive! Start personalizing your wedding favor now.